AWNM Does Amerikuh '16 > A Whole New Megillah Does Amerikuh, 2016

Trump Pinata
Oil paint and Papier mache
AWNM Does Amerikuh Invitation
Adobe Illustrator
3" x 4"
Oil Paint on Papier-mâché
Dimensions Variable
Trump Piñata (Before the Party)
Oil Paint on Cardboard and Papier-mâché
5' x 3' x 1'
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz
Oil on Canvas mounted on Foam Board and Felt.
~12" x 28"
Donald Trump Noisemakers
Paper Mache, Orange Frozen Wig, Rice, Wooden Dowel, Various Paper

This year, A Whole New Megillah: Does Amerikuh took place at Magick City, a party venue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and was structured around the bipartisanship in the 2016 American Presidential Election. In collaboration with artist and DJ - onlyponioni - the second annual occupation and party had an EDM Raver Rager theme, fused with the contemporary rituals of Purim. The story was told through a coloring book, and performed for attendees as they shook hand-made groggers and booed at the mention of Evil King Trump or his Evil Aide Cruz.
On Purim, it is encouraged for one to get so drunk as to not be able to tell the difference between good and evil. Screwdrivers flowing from a Trump fountain and "Feel the Bern" Spicy Margaritas at the open bar guided the audience on their journey into mischief and revelry. Partygoers could choose from wigs, handmade nipple pastees, and flat or 3-D oil-painted masks to party as characters from the story - either Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, or Ted Cruz. An aggression area allowed participants to destroy one of many piñata effigies of Trump and Cruz and to try their luck with customized dartboards and punching bags. This year also explored food as symbol. The customary Purim treat is called Ozney Haman or Hamentaschen literally translated as Haman’s Ears, as eating our villain expresses victory and continuity. Cookies representing Trump and Cruz will be served as drunk munchies.

A Whole New Megillah will adapt to each year and live on in endless forms: video documentation, paintings, children’s books, figurines, collectibles, catalogs, activity books, Youtube videos, and one day, a full-length mockumentary, all centralized here, at