A Whole New Megillah > AWNM Does Amerikuh '16

A Whole New Megillah: Does Amerikuh took place at Magick City, a party venue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn and was structured around the bipartisanship in the 2016 American Presidential Election. In collaboration with artist and DJ - onlyponioni - the Purim occupation and party had an EDM Raver Rager theme, fused with the contemporary rituals of Purim. The story was told through a coloring book, and performed for attendees as they shook hand-made groggers and booed at the mention of Evil King Trump or his Evil Aide Cruz.

Trump Pinata
Oil paint and Papier mache
AWNM Does Amerikuh Invitation
Adobe Illustrator
3" x 4"
Oil Paint on Papier-mâché
Dimensions Variable
Trump Piñata (Before the Party)
Oil Paint on Cardboard and Papier-mâché
5' x 3' x 1'
Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, and Ted Cruz
Oil on Canvas mounted on Foam Board and Felt.
~12" x 28"
Donald Trump Noisemakers
Paper Mache, Orange Frozen Wig, Rice, Wooden Dowel, Various Paper