Archived Projects (2011-18) > Not Touching You

Collaborative work with my brother, curator and artist Zachary Spechler under the pseudonym Zakariah Ali. Not Touching You is a sculpture made entirely of disregarded and/or reused yarmulkes, stacked one upon another from the floor to the ceiling. A yarmulke is a skullcap worn by Orthodox Jewish men daily in public, and by all male participants during times of prayer, or other special events like weddings and bar mitzvahs. These religious head coverings are considered holy and remind their wearers of God's constant presence and supremacy. They are not meant to touch the ground. The variation of material and make in each yarmulke refers to its former owner, though when lumped together into one mass, they become unidentifiable and lose their intended purpose. Not Touching You is a monument to both the practice and abandonment of religion.

Not Touching You, detail
72" x 4" x 4"