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Exercises in Nationalism

Video documentation of a performance as Theodor Herzl dressed in the current blue and white Karlsruhe Rheinklub Alemannia uniform, exercising in the Sporthalle (Alte Stadion) designed by Hermann Alker and built on the KIT campus in 1925. Hermann Alker taught at KIT (which was then the Technische Hochschule) and was an important architect in the Nazi regime. He developed the Thingstätte stage in Heidelberg and planned to build a stage in Karlsruhe, though these designs never made it past the blueprint stage.

Theodor Herzl visited the Hotel Germania in Karlsruhe in 1896. He sipped Bavarian Beer while discussing the future of the Jewish State, "Remember this beautiful day, these lovely spring skies over Karlsruhe! Perhaps a year from now we shall be in Jerusalem..."