• Ali Shrago-Spechler is an interdisciplinary artist and educator from Hollywood, Florida. Her work explores the malleability of history, imagined community and the landscape of memory. She makes paintings, sculptures, installations and interactive events to create a familiar and strange space for her audience. Her hybrid actions employ a reflective nostalgia; exploring the comedy and violence of Jewish histories and cultures while encouraging viewers to question the source and effect of memory.

    Ali received a Fulbright Grant (‘20-‘21) to research the German Remembrance Culture through the framework of the Thingspiele theatrical and political movement, positing that it was born of German-Jewish cultural collaboration. She is also the recipient of the Naomi Anolic Emerging Artist Award (2017) and has participated in residencies with ProjectArt in Crown Heights Library, Mass MoCA, Trestle Art Space and Vermont Studio Center.

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  • c.v.

    Born 1989, Hollywood, FL

    Solo Exhibitions & Projects
    2022 “Reclaimed”, Young At Art Museum, Broward Mall
    2020 "das Heimbüro", Ethan Cohen KuBe, Beacon, NY
    2020 "Eine Friedliche Industrie", Presented by Greek Kill, curated by Tahl Mayer, SPRING/BREAK New York, NY
    2017 “AWNM: Semitic AF” Wick Gallery (a/k/a Space Heater Gallery) NY
    2016 “AWNM Does Amerikuh” Magick City, Brooklyn, NY
    2015 “A Whole New Megillah (AWNM)” / Project Parlor, Brooklyn, NY
    2011 “Brooklyn Shtetl” Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

    Select Group Exhibitions
    2022 “Verso”, online exhibition curated by Melissa Joseph, Field Projects
    2022 “PAUSE: Ways of Being” curated by Hannah Eve Rothbard and Goldie Gross, 81 Leonard Gallery, NYC
    2022 “Birds of a Feather”, curated by Ethan Cohen and Joseph Ayers, Ethan Cohen KuBe, Beacon, NY
    2021 FURNISHED, curated by Zack Spechler for Miami Art Week, Selina Miami River
    2021 “Auf ins Kaff KFAR”, curated by Nicole Giese-Kroner and Elianna Renner, Syker Vorwerk, Germany
    2021 CHAI OF Jüdisches Kulturfestival, Offenbach, Germany
    2021 "Darkest Before Dawn...", Ethan Cohen Fine Arts, Beacon, NY
    2021 "Kinderzimmer", Young At Art Museum, Broward County
    2021 "Waiting Room", AJU, online exhibition curated by Rotem Rozental
    2020 "1938", Artist Book Vitrine @ BravinLee, New York
    2018 "Souvenirs" Green Kill, Kingston NY.
    2018 "On The Consequences of Hate Speech" Ernest Rubenstein Gallery NY
    2018 "Opening" Trestle Art Space, curated by Carmen Hermo
    2017 "Women's Work" Hadas Gallery
    2017 "Fluid" Pratt Institute Alumni Show, curated by Dakota Sica
    2017 "Santa's Grotto" LIC Arts Open, Queens, NY
    2017 “Biennial” Hollywood Art and Culture Center, Hollywood, FL
    2016 “Dumping Trump...” Elephant Room Gallery, Chicago, IL
    2016 "Opening" Space Heater Gallery, Bushwick, NY
    2016 "RE:Produce" Bailey Contemporary Arts, Pompano Beach, FL
    2016 "Popular Culture Is Where The Pedagogy" The Hole, NY
    2015 “So Hot Right Now" SVA Chelsea Gallery, NY
    2015 "Thanks In Advance!" The Box, FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    2014 "Naughty By Nature" 1310 Gallery, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    2014 "In Bituin" Girls Club, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    2013 "Global Projects" Broadway Gallery, NY
    2012 "Salutations" the Projects, FAT Village, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    2011 "His/story" Purvis Young Gallery, Miami, FL
    2011 "Yo Brooklynites!" Hadas Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    2011 "Ubiquitous Literary Magazine" Front Room Gallery, Brooklyn, NY

    2020 Fulbright Research Grant
    2017 Naomi Anolic Emerging Artist Award
    2016 Assets 4 Artists Professional Development Fellowship @ MASS MoCA
    2014 Girls Club Collection, Fort Lauderdale, FL
    2012 Hadas Gallery Permanent Collection, Brooklyn, NYC
    2008 Pratt Institute 4D Design Scholarship
    2007 Pratt Institute Presidential Scholarship

    2019-20 ProjectArt Teaching Artist-in-Residence
    2018 Trestle Artist Residency, Brooklyn, NY
    2017 MASS MoCA, Assets 4 Artists Fellowship, North Adams, MA
    2016 Vermont Studio Center Fellowship, Johnson, VT
    2016 Art Kibbutz, Governor’s Island, NY
    2013 Art Funkl, Manchester, UK

    2018 Middlebury Language Schools
    2016 MFA, Fine Arts School of Visual Arts
    2011 BFA, Painting and Art History, Pratt Institute
    2010 Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Exchange Program, Jerusalem, Israel

    Select Curatorial Projects
    2017 "God Bless Deli 2" Space Heater Gallery, Brooklyn, NY
    "ATM Cigarettes Flowers Lottery" Wayfarers, Brooklyn, NY
    Co-curated with Yael Azoulay and Samantha Robinson
    2015 "Me, U, and the Robot..." SVA Flatiron Gallery, New York, NY
    Co-curated with Jonathan Schouela
    2015 "So Hot Right Now" SVA Chelsea Gallery, New York, NY
    Co-curated with Amalia Mourad

    2020 The Thrill of Unpredictability at Two Art Fairs by Jillian Steinhauer, New York Times
    2020 “Here are 9 Ways Artists Transformed..” by Sarah Cascone, ArtNet
    2017 "Where to Celebrate Purim" Time Out New York Magazine
    2016 “Interview with Ali Shrago-Spechler” Artists of New York
    2016 "Artist Ali Shrago-Spechler" Baphash Podcast Interview
    2016 "Another Story" Baphash Literary & Arts Quarterly
    2016 “...Exhibition Explores the Politics of Pop Culture” Creator's Project
    2012 "Featured Artist" Irreversible Magazine: Art Basel Ed. Miami, FL
    2011 “Brooklyn Shtetl” The Forward
    2011 “Grandson of Overtown art icon...” Miami Herald
    2011 “The Art of Brew Fundraiser benefits Davie Museum" Sun Sentinel