Archived Projects (2011-18) > Min's Mitzvah Mash

Min’s Mitzvah Mash is a collaborative event starring my incredibly talented mother, Mindy Shrago. In the presence of her family + friends, my mother became a Bat Mitzvah on January 2, 2016. Just as materialism has commemorated and perpetuated religion in America, so it did with Min’s Mitzvah Mash. Interactive installations, an open bar, catered horderves and food, caricatures, trivia giveaways, and of course, take-home gifts including customized coasters, frames, and vases made Min’s Mitzvah Mash an atmosphere of joy, ego, tradition, and excess- a typical American Bat Mitzvah. This collaborative, interactive and performative event is remembered by the residue of archival props, video and photograph documentation, and of course, through social media.

Do you want a customized Bat Mitzvah for yourself or someone in your family? Contact me, and let's make it happen! L'chaim!